The legendary Coastline Trek turns international and in 2018 will offer to double the fun and adventures on the spectacular coast of the Baltic sea!

On the 12th of May adventures awaits on the Latvian side of the Baltic sea coast. Hikers are taking on the historical and picturesque beaches of Liepāja, city where wind is born and even 195 days are filled with sun! Participants of the Coastline Trek’18: Liepāja with Gjensidige will have a choice of five different length routes that lay within the white sand beaches and woods that conquered the ancient dune sites. Event will mark the beginning of Liepāja summer season therefore get ready for ridiculous amount of fun and good weather!

On the 22nd of September Coastline trek: Klaipėda with Gjensidige will go back to where it all started – to the Curonian Spit. Five different routes will be laid out across the beaches of Neringa passing through ancestry woodlands and majestic white sand dunes. Horizons of the Curonian spit turn even more magical in the light of breaking autumn, thus get your boots ready for an adventure not to be forgoten.