Brief information about Coastline Trek’19: Liepāja with Gjensidige

On the 11th of May we will gather all together to hike along the coast of Latvia on the second time. Let’s get started preparing for this adventure.


You can choose from five routes of different lengths. All routes are radial, so you will start and finish the hike in the same place: Zvejnieku alley 11A, Liepāja, Latvia (GPS: 56.509482, 20.992393).

15 KM • start 11:00-14:00 AM
25 KM
 • start 09:00-14:00 AM
50 KM
 • start 07:00-09:00 AM
75 KM
 • start 07:00-09:00 AM
100 KM
 • start 07:00-09:00 AM

Click here to find more information about routes, participant packages and prices of registration.


Rest and assistance stops will be set every 4-5 km (FOR 75 KM AND 100 KM HIKERS: in some places distances can reach 9 km). There you will find some snacks, drinks, hot food (except participants who will choose 15 km route). Besides, there will be medical, transportation and other services provided.


There were 4 5000 participants in Coastline Trek’18: Liepaja with Gjensidige. The most popular hike distance was 25 km, which was chosen by half of our participants. More than quarter of hikers took the shortest 10 km route. 50 km distance was chosen by 15 % of participants and the longest routes (75 km and 100 km) were overcome by 6 % of all hikers.

Gjensidige team won the first place in final teams ranking – their total covered distance was 2 800 km. The second place was taken by the Cross the corner team (total distance:1 600 km) and the third by Lithuanian insurance team (total distance: 1 220 km).