Bring your dog along!

We are delighted, that each year more and more hikers take their pets for a hike as well! 🥇🐩

TrekTours team and our friends Purina Adventura will take care that during the hike your pet is taken care off:

  • There will be drinking spots available for you dog throughout the hiking trails;
  • At the finish pet will be rewarded for their hard work and will receive a pack of healthy and delicious Purina Adventura treats as well as the medal of honor!

IMPORTANT! We are certain, that you know all too well how to take care of your pet in public events, but simply for clarity, here are some basic rules:

  • dogs must be connected to a dog leash at all times and if the breed requires it – have a muzzle on;
  • pets and their respected owners clean up after themselves 💩!