TrenkTuras is inviting the most active and involved company teams and organisations to put their cooperation skills to a test in the Team Credit challenge at the Coastline Trek events by the Baltic sea.

Hiking encourages cooperation, teamwork and creativity, thus making this Team Credit challenge a yearly tradition for tens of the most successful foreign and Lithuanian companies. It’s not only a fun getaway and a form of entertainment, but also an innovative tool used in team building.

The benefits of trekking for everyone:

  • Completion of the chosen route and fulfilling a challenge enhances will and increases self-esteem.
  • Trekking enhances brain activity and helps the mind to calm down and make necessary decisions.
  • Hiking is the easiest way to improve general fitness and well-being.
  • Treks provide an environment for endless conversations with our closest people, colleagues and helps to get acquainted with new companions.

The benefits of trekking for companies:

  • Creates a focus on a common team goal – to reach the finish line together.
  • An unconventional way to organise a brainstorming session. It’s been scientifically proven that trekking promotes creativity.
  • The integration of team building activities.
  • Promotion of an active and ecological leisure time, social responsibility.
  • An opportunity for colleagues to find the time for a meaningful conversation while walking.

More information about the TEAM CREDIT CHALLENGE can be found here.