Coastline Trek’18: Liepāja with Gjensidige hike statistics


Over 300 teams have gathered in Liepāja to compete for the name of the team, which has hiked the largest amount of kilometres. Congratulations to the winner teams!

113 team members have hiked more than 2 800 km;
29 team members have hiked more than 1 600 km;
122 team members have hiked 1 220 km.

By the way, take notice, that the Kertam Kampą team has won the 2nd place with a team 4 times smaller than Gjensidige, just by choosing to hike longer routes. Other honourable mentions are the teams of Western Union, Šiauliai Sportas, JJG, FORBIS, Team Kameleon Baltic.


The most active classes from all over Lithuania have participated in the Coastline Trek School league. We are delighted about the determination of the teachers and the endurance of the pupils and would like to announce the three classes with the most points who have won the UNO Parks prizes:

Ist PLACE – Šiaulių Juliaus Janonio gimnazija –  27.6 points;
IInd PLACE – Raseinių Prezidento Jono Žemaičio gimnazija – 17.7 points;
IIIrd PLACE – Kauno Jėzuitų gimnazija – 14.3 points.


The hike has brought together 4 500 participants half of which have chosen the 25 km in half a day route and a quarter of the participants have taken up the shortest route of 10km in one go. The 50 km in a day route has been chosen by 15 % of all hikers, while the 75 km until the dawn and 100 km in 24 hours routes have been taken up only the bravest 6 % of the participants.

It is important to mention, that the 100 km record has been broken by Artūras Meškutavičius, a member of the Gjensidige team, who has completed the route in a record breaking time – 13 hours 31 minutes.

A nice addition to the hike statistics has been the engagement, which has happened at the finish zone. We would like to once again congratulate Karina ir Tomas with this memorable occasion!

The eldest hiker has already celebrated her 76th birthday.

62 % of the hikers were female, out of which 50 were named Kristina. In terms of male participants, the most popular name amongst hikers was Tomas with 51 of them participating in the hike.

The percentage of participants who have completed their route by each route:
10 km in one go – 99 %
25 km in half a day – 97 %
50 km in a day – 90 %
75 km until the dawn – 80 %
100 km in 24 hours – 75 %