New year’s resolutions

Train more, live healthier, eat less, spend more time with family or yourself and spice life up with adventures and travels. These are the most common goals set out as resolutions for the new year. All of them can be checked out only be challenging yourself in 2018!

And there is no better time than now.

One hike – many goals achieved! Sign up for a walking challenge now and you’ll get one step closer to making your goals reality!

Aim to walk more. It does not require investments, special physical preparation or abilities, however walking can be the key to achieving your goals! It’s not only endurance, health and physical challenge but also a quality time spent with your family or friends as well as much needed time alone.

Therefore we promise to keep you on your toes and this year we’ll bring two Coastline Trek adventures to the menu! The choice is yours commit to the adventures now.