TrenkTuras is inviting the most unified groups of friends, the most active and involved company teams and organizations to put their cooperation skills to a test in the Team Credit challenge. If you think that your friends or colleagues are worthy of the title “The best hiking team” and your conversations and adventures can be measured in kilometers, then we’ll be waiting for you at the Coastline Trek events by the Baltic sea.

Hiking encourages cooperation, teamwork and creativity, thus making this Team Credit challenge a yearly tradition for tens of the most successful foreign and Lithuanian companies. It’s not only a fun getaway and a form of entertainment, but also an innovative tool used in team building.


  • The 3 winning teams are announced by the total amount of kilometers hiked by the whole team. The result is directly impacted by the size of the team and the walking distance of each individual.*
  • In order to participate in the Team Credit challenge, the participant is required to provide the exact team name during registration.
  • The members of the same team are free to choose different routes during registration.
  • The number of members in a team is unlimited.
  • The winners will be awarded with the TrenkTuras Team Credit honour trophies and sponsor provided prizes.

*- Participants that are unable to finish the route must validate the walked distance at the last reached rest and aid checkpoint.


“Western Union”

Hey there! My name is Lorenzo, I am from Italy. And yes, I live in Lithuania and I am proud to say that I am working at Western Union. My belief is that the best way to discover and explore any country is to walk around it. Once I have joined Western Union, I was amazed by the great environment, full of cooperation, and the inspiring people that I have found there. The company encourages employees to participate in various sports activities all year round. Amongst the activities, there is this great initiative by employees – the EUROC Walking Team, which organises and promotes local hikes and helps colleagues (and even their families!) to explore Lithuania, the Baltics and other beautiful European landscapes. We are happy to participate in Trenkturas events, as this is an opportunity to fulfil the healthy lifestyle needs and escape from our office routine. It is a perfect winning combination of everything mentioned and Western Union is giving us an amazing chance to be a part of it as a team! We are all thrilled about the long-term relationship, which has been created between Trenkturas and Western Union, and we are looking forward to where this partnership will lead us in the future!


Insurance company “Gjensidige” believes in the power of activeness. By cooperating with “Trenkturas”, the company encourages people to spend their leisure time in a more active way, spend more time in the outdoors, strive for new experiences and give back to the loved ones. While trekking you can have unhindered conversations with your fellow hikers, give them your undivided attention.

The head of damage regression department of “Gjensidige” Rimgaudas Bernotas says, that while hiking, he primarily is resting from his sedentary job. He finished his first hike with 7 blisters, as he decided to make a run at the most challenging 100 km route. With a smile on his face Rimgaudas adds : this experience has taught me to be more careful with the preparation for challenges and provided me with a new hobby. After hiking over 2300 km last year, this May Rimgaudas is taking up the challenge of the 100 km route in Liepaja. Alongside taking his enormous “Gjensidige” team of employees with him.

„Kertam kampą”

“Kertam kampą” – it’s a phenomenon, that from the moment it began manages to bring people together and make even the most daunting challenges a fun adventure. We’ve been organising our own events for a few years, but the desire for new ideas, opinions, a different format made us search for alternative options. In the first event hosted by “Trenkturas” our team “Kertam kampą” has come together almost on the spot. Everyone chose the route most convenient and appealing to them. We’ve spread out throughout the whole seaside and brought smiles to each other along the way. We have also had the most warm and emotional greeting for the team members that were not afraid to take up the 100 km challenge. The vigorous feeling of togetherness was the most empowering form of motivation : we used to and still do support each other, we give it all not just for ourselves, but more importantly – for the team. The intimidating challenges we faced together turned into the most precious stories and memories. The impressions of the first event stayed with us for quite a long time and sharing them with others resulted in us involving our friends, families, from the most little and the eldest. This is how participating in events by “Trenkturas” has become an involving yearly tradition. We were honestly surprised by the number of people wanting to join our team without us actually promoting it at all, which just comes to show how strongly “Trenkturas” has infected each and every one of us with the strive for challenges. The best part of the treks is that everyone can choose the challenge that best suits them and at the same time be an invaluable part of the team!



Coastline Trek’19 Klaipėda:

I PLACE – Gjensidige
148 team members, over 3 904 km.
II PLACE – Lietuvos Geležinkeliai
82 team members, over 2 446 km.
III PLACE – Mototoja
51 team members, over 1 373 km.

Neman loops’19:

I PLACE – Gjensidige
158 team members, over 4019 km.
II PLACE – Lietuvos Geležinkeliai
135 team members, over 3836 km.
III PLACE – Cognizant
47 team members, over 1224 km.

Čiobiškio žygis’19:

I PLACE – Gjensidige
100 team members, over 2 348 km.
II PLACE – Litcargus
28 team members, over 514 km.
III PLACE –Putokšnis
32 team members, over 448 km.

Coastline Trek’19 Liepaja:

I PLACE – Gjensidige
190 team members, over 4 024 km.
II PLACE – Liepaja city
40 team members, over 730 km.
III PLACE – Hiatus
21 team members, over 700 km.

Žiemos žygis’19:

I PLACE – Gjensidige
153 team members, over 2 864 km.
II PLACE – Gyvenkime aktyviai
49 team members, over 1 041 km.
III PLACE – Hiatus
18 team members, over 276 km.

Čiobiškio žygis’18:

I PLACE – Gjensidige
121 team members, over 2 049 km.
II PLACE – Škiudiškės
15 team members, over 225 km.
III PLACE – Hiatus
9 team members, over 198 km.

Coastline Trek’18: Klaipėda

I st PLACE – Gjensidige
154  team members, over 3 436 km
II nd PLACE – Gyvastis
112 team members, over 1 505 km
III rd PLACE – Lietuvos draudimas
102 team members, over 1 290 km

Neman loops’18:

I st PLACE – Gjensidige
139 team members, over 3 500 km
II nd PLACE – Mantinga
100 team members, over 1 900 km
III rd PLACE – Cognizant
47 team members, over 1 300 km

Coastline Trek: Liepāja’18:

I st PLACE – Gjensidige
113 team members, over 2 800 km
II nd PLACE – Kertam kampą
29 team members, over 1 600 km
III rd PLACE – Lietuvos draudimas
122 team members, over 1 220 km

Neman loops’17:

I st PLACE – Kertam kampą
97 team members, over 3 000 km
II nd PLACE – Gjensidige
129 team members, over 2 600 km
III rd PLACE – Mantinga
86 team members, over 2 200 km

Quarry trek’17:

I st PLACE – Kertam kampą
71 team members, over 2 200 km
II nd PLACE – Nekenčiu kuprinės
41 team members, over 1 300 km
III rd PLACE – Callcredit Kaunas
18 team members, over 500 km

Coastline trek’17:

I st PLACE – Kertam kampą
97 team members, over 5 000 km
II nd PLACE – Nekenčiu kuprinės
89 team members, over 4 000 km
III rd PLACE – Western Union Walking Team
85 team members, over 2 700 km

Neman loops’16:

I st PLACE – Kertam kampą
93 team members, over 6 000 km
II nd PLACE – Western Union
54 team members, over 1 100 km
III rd PLACE – Devbridge
28 team members, over 900 km

Coastline trek’16:

I st PLACE – Nekenčiu kuprinės
Over  2 500 km
II nd PLACE – Lietuvos energija
Over 1 300 km
III rd PLACE – Kertam kampą
Over  1 100 km.